The room is dedicated to Romeyne Robert Ranieri di Sorbello (1878 - 1951).

Romeyme was born in Morristown, New Jersey on October 16, 1878 to Howell Robert and Charlotte Shaw. During her youth she undertook many trips to Europe with her family and in one of these, in Rome, she met the Marquis Ruggero VI Ranieri di Sorbello, whom she married on April 7, 1902.
In 1904 he founded the “Scuola Ricami Ranieri di Sorbello” in the Pischiello family villa, near Lake Trasimeno.
The School, active until about 1934 in the production of hand-embroidered fabrics, specialized in the execution of Umbrian or Portuguese stitch works, reproposed in a new and original pattern, also called Punto Sorbello. The works were all carried out entirely by hand, mostly on commission, always with different designs. Very original and elaborate are the tassels that decorate the corners of tablecloths, cushions and other artifacts.