The family of the Bourbon marquises of Sorbello was a branch of the marquises of Monte Santa Maria, formerly known as the marquises of Colle, then better known with the title of Bourbon del MonteThese, who settled in the XNUMXth century between Upper Umbria and eastern and southern Tuscany, were feudal lords of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. The Sorbello branch broke away from the main stock in the XNUMXth century to exercise its feudal dominion over a small territory on the border between the Papal States and Tuscany. During the modern age, like other families of early medieval origin, the marquises of Sorbello entered as diplomats, soldiers in the various Italian courts, receiving religious and chivalric honors. They served for a long time at the Medici court of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, entered the noble oligarchy of the city of Perugia and, from the beginning of the XVIII th century, forged strong ties with the Turin court of the Savoy. The Marquis Giuseppe I had a brilliant military and diplomatic career in Turin, a gentleman of the King's chamber and holder of a Commenda of the order of SS. Maurizio and Lazzaro, was able to guarantee good prospects at court also to his children, born from his marriage with the Perugian countess Marianna Arrigucci. From this union he had sixteen children, among which Anton Maria, Ugolino, Diomede, Ludovico and Uguccione stood out. It was the latter, marquis regent of the family fief with the title of Uguccione III, who bought the prestigious Eugeni Palace (where we are located) in 1780, well known at the time as it was chosen in 1734 among all the noble palaces of Perugia for host Charles III of Bourbon, future king of the Two Sicilies (1735) and king of Spain (1759), in one of the travel stops he made at the head of the Spanish army to take back the Austrian viceroys of Naples and Sicily.